Reign Of Invertebrates LLC    

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Unfortunately, reptiles are no longer sold at ROI, but I will continue to keep and breed them.  Feel free to browse over some of these updated photos of the family!

BREEDERS (meet the fam!):

Below are some of my breeder geckos, updated every few months.  These animals are obviously not for sale, so don't inquire.

This is Blot.  She is from the G63 Tangerine bloodline.  Weighing only 38 grams, she is not quite ready for breeding.

This is Sun, a simple name, but she's a beautiful SHTCT and is 66% het for marble eyes.  She weighs 64 grams.

This is Fred.  At first, he had no name, but names make it easier to keep track of everyone.  He is a possible het blizzard and weighs 54 grams.

Meet Peach.  She's an amelanistic girl with some nice colors and an adorable face.  56 grams.

Meet Bella.  She's a 60 gram beast!  Due to a FedEx delay, she experienced serious cold trauma, but almost two years later she is doing wonderful and his some awesome coloring.

This is Tank.  He's a big boy at 88 grams!  He is from the Geckos Etc. Aberrant bloodline, and is very mellow and adorable (I adore all fat tails really).