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Please share your positive transactions with Reign Of Invertebrates by posting here!  You may also post them on arachnoboards.  My user is Grasshopper99!

Quotes I got 5 C.gracilis for $15, all healthy and active. Plus a freebie 2i C.gracilis. Thats 6 scorps, for $27(including shipping).The package shipped out first thing Monday and was here by wednesday. All them except for one are already munching on dubias. I have learned that in invertebrate hobby, when you find sellers that ship what they advertise at the prices advertise that in and of itself is worth a great deal. When you start throwing in freebies, perfect packaging, friendly and prompt communication, then you know your dealing with a person who values what sell and cares about their customers. I will be dealin with ROI again. Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes I got a great deal on some millipedes and assassin bugs, and I received them quickly, well packaged, and healthy! On top of that, Josh's communication was fast and courteous, and he even refunded part of my shipping fee when he realized that the USPS site has over-estimated the cost of sending my package. I'm very pleased with our transaction and looking forward to doing more business with him in the future! Quotes
A+ transaction

Quotes I'm always hanging out on the arachnoboards and this guy knows his stuff! Countless times where I've been looking for help and he has shown me the way haha. I am finally also selling my own babies. My site is and I hope to have the for sale section up soon. 10 stars goes to buying from this guy! Quotes
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Quotes Just received my order and everything looked great! Prices were fair, communication was excellent, packing was appropriate and all items were as expected. Will be glad to do business with Josh in the future! Quotes
Nancy Winchel

Quotes I placed an order for a millipede and wolf spider. Both arrived in great shape despite the cold. Quotes
Kyle Kandilian

Quotes Did a trade with reignofinvertebrates recently and was more than satisfied with the trade. Not only did all the species I wanted arrive safely, but he also added awesome freebies in the trade! I give him A++++++++ for the trade :) Quotes
Alan Jeon
Did a trade recently

Quotes They arrived alive and already eating. Thanks again! Quotes

Quotes I just completed a trade with Grasshopper99 and was very impressed with the size and coloration of the Hogna he sent, as well as some darkling beetle larvae that I don't think I could have sourced anywhere else. I believe this is his first review here and expect many positive ones to follow. Quotes
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