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Welcome to Reign of Invertebrates!  Before you jump to another page, take a second to read this, because it may answer some of your questions.  First, this business is owned and operated by me alone.  I have been breeding critters since 2008 and have been shipping them across the country to other hobbyists since 2012.  Lucky for addicts like me, there is an enormous hobby home to tons and tons of people and thousands of species of arthropods.  Every day I discover something new about bugs, and if you, like me, enjoy observing the most amazing creatures to inhabit our planet, I highly suggest you acquire some!  If you have any questions or product requests, feel free to contact me via this page HERE or use my email ([email protected]).  I can't wait to hear from you!

~Josh Markham

Why own pet bugs? If you're new to this, you're probably wondering why in the world people would want to keep pet bugs.  I will do my best to answer that question.  Contrary to popular beliefs, bugs can make great pets!  Some tarantulas, such as the rose hair, are not needy in food, supplements, or enclosure sanitation on a constant basis.  Most bugs are not quite as demanding as a reptile or a rodent, and they are still fun to watch and handle.  I keep bugs for a variety of reasons.  I enjoy educating people about invertebrates, because they really are extraordinary.  I also love the thrill of having them as pets.  Nothing brings more joy to me than to watch a wolf spider egg sac hatch, or a hissing cockroach giving birth to a litter of hungry nymphs.  It's a big world out there, with nearly a million different species of arthropods to be amazed by (literally)!  This hobby isn't for everyone, but I certainly believe that non-bug-lovers can become bug-lovers.  Hopefully, if this doesn't catch your attention, it'll at least help you appreciate some of the things bugs do for us.   

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